Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of Acid and Smoke

  • My days of smoke deprivation are finally over. I went a whole month without smoking and on holi, I celebrated 30 days of no smoking with a well earned fag, another the next day and 2 on Friday with alcohol this time. Since then I have again been off cigarettes which seems to be good choice especially after the horrendous video shared by Sahni (my initial thought was "what a waste of 400 cigarettes!")

  • Mission raven tress has been a success and for the for the first time in 15 years (maybe more, I'm not sure) I am absolutely dandruff free. There has been a side effect of this, hairfall which I believe is due to all the shampoo which I shall stop using henceforth. One challenge to maintaining the density will be the chlorine in the damn swimming pool. But alas, there is only so much one can do.

  • The Goa trip was awesome. There were things which had to be done but were not put on the bucket list have now been done. I was sure that I only wanted to try acid and nothing else but I had a go at everything and am happy to say that the high derived from the "consumption" was good but not something I would want to get again. Anyways, the acid trip (the most important part of the journey) which went on for two whole days was unbelievable. The colours and the designs, the stars blushing under the gaze of the moon, the moon, the wind, the waves and the clouds all swaying in perfect harmony: a puppet dance without a puppeteer, a nearby fire reaching down into the recesses of my soul like a warm blanket on a cool autumn night, truly spectacular.

  • Now that this is out of my way, there shall be no further drug (ab)use on my part. But a word of advise to all,

"Totally worth a try!!!"


  1. sutta marna chhod diya finally...

  2. baal ugane ki technique mil jay to mere ko bhi batana...bbahut zarrorat ho gayi hai mujhe...

  3. there are 2 ways to grow hair....
    1. some medicine whose side effect is impotency.
    2. apparently application of tropical corticosteroid which is what I bought last week!

  4. and as for sutta, yes chor diya but no restrictions, I will allow myself to smoke if I feel like it