Monday, March 23, 2009

Champions League

Some time back (before the round of 16 matches) I told nRT that I would bet on either Bayern or Barca to win the Champions league this season. Fate however has not been too kind on me and the 2 have drawn each other in the quarter-finals. nRT (is n supposed to be in caps here or will it change the variable?) being a Chelsea fan remains stuck on them but on current form I don't expect them to be able to go past Liverpool.

Every Barca team has to live under the shadow of the "Dream Team" of 1994. I believe that this team will become the new dream team. The way they ripped apart Malaga yesterday would have sent shivers down any Bayern supporter looking at the match. They always had space, did not have to run too much to find the ball, and enjoyed 76% of the possession in the first half. They made me feel confident that Earth could win something in an inter-galactic competition. This Barca team much like ManU has such depth in its squad that Guardiola can put out two teams of equal strength capable of competing in any competition. The special thing in this Barca side is that they have Messi, Eto, Henry and Xavi all of who can create a goal out of thin air in 10 seconds, a reminder of which was the Messi goal yesterday. And they are doing it with frightening consistency. I am going to enjoy the next 10 years of football, I don't see anyone of the calibre of Messi playing the game in a long long time.

No team in the top half of the CL draw are capable of stopping ManU. Arsenal (I say this with a heavy heart) and Porto will be brushed aside like vermin. ManU are going through a slump at the moment, but that will not last, they will get back to winning ways and take the EPL title with ease. Even if the team lags, I think Giggs, Ronaldo, Berbatov and Vidic will carry it on their backs effortlessly. I think the slump has quite a lot to do with Vidic not playing up to his usual standards. His performance against Liverpool must have been on purpose, there is no other explanation for it.

As for Liverpool, they have showed what they are capable of in the past 2 weeks. I believe they have it in them to deny Chelsea a semi-final birth. They are the team most likely to beat ManU, but Barca? I think not. Or maybe hope not.

My bet is now on a ManU vs Barca finale in which I hope Barca thump ManU to oblivion. I wouldn't mind a 1-0 either. Whatever said, the final is going to be legin-wait for it-dary.

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  1. Buzz me next time there is a Barca match on? Your post sold me on that I should see them and the last time I saw Messi play, (in the World Cup), he was fantastic. I particularly remember a goal that was totally out of this world.

    I am a newly minted Liverpool fan, but I can dig two teams :P In a face to face, I would go with Liverpool ofcourse.