Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Ending of My Epic

The inspiration for this poem came during the Goa trip. The whole story was enacted in my mind. The work was supposed to be an epic, but thought I remember the story, I have forgotten the verse. I have recreated a part of the epic from my notes. It is somewhat incoherent with mixed emotions and breaks but I will not tamper with it in a sober state. This is supposed to be the last verse of the epic. Hope to complete the work someday.

I drifted throught the forest as the night was falling
No man for miles to hear my calling
The darkness was haunted, the chill reached my heart
A shadow crawled up to me as pale as the moon
I asked its name and it said
"I know not what I am, but I know what I was
I was you.
No, you were me.
Unrestrained like the wind and unbridled as the fire in your heart."
I try to recollect a past I did not live
I have seen this light in a dream? Or in a life past.
I have heard this voice, it filled my soul with joy
I know this sweet scent, it drowned me once
I was here before, am I still?
Did I not move all this time?
My memory does not serve me anymore
I see the reflection of her face in the distance
I search her eyes but emptiness replies
I hear her giggle but it is taunting me now.
Something glances my arm, I reach out
But she is gone, I listen
But are they my fears I hear
The taste of her lips still lingers
The light was her smile that lit up my days
Now it guides me at night
I scream in silence,I call out to her
But I have changed, I do not desire anymore
Only in the closet of my heart does the fair maiden still reign.


  1. good one...u may like it, but i'll strongly discourage you from writing..for ur age u are better off watching TV/meeting-talking ppl/partying...am serious

  2. not to worry PV those things are still on top of my to-do list

  3. dude....partly samajh aaya...mere level ke liye bahut hifi hai...pls elucidate a bit...

  4. kabhi ek jaam haath mein lekar poori story suata hoon...or mayeb i'll complete this!

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  6. "I try to recollect a past I did not live....Only in the closet of my heart does the fair maiden still reign...."
    poignant n beautiful...
    came across this space while jumpin from link to link....nice read...