Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Number 7 Jersey

Firstly, I hate Manchester United and everything to do with them. However, you can not but respect some of the players they've had in the past and present. Ryan Giggs is very high on the list at the moment after his age defying antics in mid-week. Another player whom I have come to grudgingly like is David Beckham (his performances for the rossoneri have done a lot to further this). I usually do not like players who are not in the tiki-taka mould but Beckham is the one exception and I respect him more as a result of his complicated loan to Milan in a bid to play for England. This man truely loves football above all else.

And then, there is the man Sir AF chose to replace Bechkam with, giving him the No.7 held previously by Cantona and Best, the brilliant Christiano Ronaldo, whose latest quote I shall frame and keep for posterity.

"Will I ever play in Italy? Never say never. I went there last summer and they have the sexiest girls in the world."

Good to know the dude has his priorities straight.

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