Tuesday, October 06, 2009

MBA Essays

I have learnt that the best writing comes from the heart and on an MBA application essays you can not fake it. Or atleast I can not fake it. I wrote the essays for School A and on reviewing felt it was full of s**t. I did not believe half of it. With this realization came the next step: introspection, rethinking of goals, aspirations and why School A. I had to dig out every minor work I did which showed the qualities the school looks for. Finally, four drafts later with the deadline looming, I have the finished article without an iota of overstating the importance or inventing stuff I did not do.

On to the next deadline, "How have the changes in the global economy affected you and your plan for the future?". Miniscule bonus period! Neither have my goals changed nor my perception. I am still the insensitive staunch extreme right libertarian capitalist pig I was two years ago. Which implies I have 397 words to go and 22 days to come up with them.

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