Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A very Foul Friday

I burnt my right hand. All five fingers. The misfortune of living in a bachelor pad is that there is never any ice unless you have planned to drink at home. This time there was no cold water either. So here I was left standing in my kitchen with my hand in the freezer, all plans cancelled and unable to take trips longer than 10 seconds.

Normally, I prefer to keep away from medicines, but this was unbearable, so I gulped one nimisulide which is usually enough to numb the pain for a whole evening. An hour later, nothing. So I took another one. After 5 capsules I threw the strip to prevent myself from having more. This is where one's knowledge of drugs comes in handy. Wine and cocaine (xylo-cocaine)! One to knock me out and the latter as a local anesthetic. Five hours after the burn I still could not bear to take my hand out of the freezer. @#$&, There are side effects of having such a tuned body, even drugs don't have their intended effect. Consigned to sleeping by the refriginator, I made myself comfortable in a chair, one hand in freezer, a glass of wine (it took me 15 minutes to open the bottle using my mouth and left hand), pack of cigarettes (learnt to light a match with 1 hand) and "Inspite of the Gods". Finally finished the book, awesome book btw. The best part being the lively ending anecdote of the author and a 10 year old sikh boy.

Fortunately, Saturday and Sunday were better days, though my right hand is laid to waste and I could not type 1 word of the essays I was supposed to finish. I have the use of my middle finger back, which means flipping the finger is now possible.


  1. stumbled on this blog, liked it a lot...strikes me as very genuine, for some reason...

  2. hahaha..I am trying to imagine a person with that pose..And its funny every time I imagine it.funnier..