Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Random Encounter of the Third Kind

On Sunday, after I dropped Daku at the bus stand, I headed to CCD to study as usual. Somehow I find it easier to study in a crowded place, the only condition being that all the noises interfere distructively and I am left with a buzz in the background. So here I was going over the finer points of pension accounting and occationally checking out the girls, unaware that one of them was sitting alone sipping coffee like me. How my bluetooth was on, I have no clue, but I received a message, which I did not read and promptly deleted. Next, I received a message with an image in it. This I chose to open and voila...

R: wtf???
H: Well, what are you doing alone?
R: That is not you concern and it seems it was not a mistake on your part to send the pic. ;-)
H: For 2000 bucks you could have a great evening.
R: I was thinking more like 200.
H: You must be dreaming! Your coffee is worth more than that.
R: Yes, but that is all I can afford and the value I choose to assign.
H: Ok, 1.5k
R: No, thanks. It seems you are young enough to be in college.
H: Yes, ********
R: Extra cash eh! tc, have fun.

And back I went to my PBO...


  1. Maybe you should study harder;)

  2. I was giving it my best shot and god comes up with a googly!