Thursday, June 11, 2009

Of Fucks and Fuck-ups

Life can be lived in two ways, by doing awesome or by not fucking up. In my long life, there have been years when I have done awesomely and there have been those which I dearly wish to relive differently or change completely. This year was meant to be one where I live by the second rule and not fuck up and the resulting worst case scenario would be good enough for the time. (essentially I an unable to see beyond my next meal, but in rare instances of clarity when the stars align or when I am PMSing, I see into the future). I was allowed 10 fuck ups this year and with half the year gone, here is the list:

  1. CFA: will know in a couple of months, but the signs do not bear gracious news
  2. GMAT: A Royal Fuck
  3. *****: Missed this one completely. Did not know till it was gone!

The next seven have already been lined up. I just hope I get one of them right. Results awaited next year.

As can be seen, I am in one of those* moods.


  1. Notwithstanding my certainty in the knowledge that you are incapable of sustaining a sour/low mood for any considerable length of time, I will venture to offer some sagely and I-have-been-there-so-don't-sweat-too-much-this-too-shall-pass-and-there's-hope-yet advice. There - It's over too.Nice and small.

  2. Fikr not, its long over! and am quite upbeat after a nice weekend.

  3. my point was that IITians have weird humor, which is passed on to their kids. My dad did Btech Mtech at IIT, he tells the WORST PJs ever. So do i.