Sunday, February 15, 2009

Up in Smokes

There is no secret to success. Every successful man will tell you how to achieve it.
  1. I haven't smoked a cigarette in over 6 days now. I should be given a medal for not smoking today in my inebriated state while people around me were going through cigarettes faster than Paris goes through partners.
  2. Saw the movie "Dance with me" for the third time today and for the first time thought that it was a great movie; my favorite part being when Peter Gabriel sings "The Book of Love". S**t, I've gone soft.


  1. Hmmm. I generally *love* the whole Dance-y movies genre, but I never thought DWM was particularly great. (Except for Richard Gere, of course...*dreamy sigh*)

    But yeah, the The Book of Love part is *adorable*.

  2. You've got to be kidding me. I mean, I have nothing against mushy movies, I like a couple of them myself, but this one was atrocious. I couldn't stand it half way through and that's a rare thing for me with the movies!

    Kudos on the 'No Smoking' thing. What about this discipline? Self-preservation or is it the love of a hermaphrodite?

  3. Love of music for the sutta thing inspired by Pt.Ravi Shankar and Anoushka at a concert in Cal. It will last for 30 days when I may choose whether to smoke again.