Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hello 2015

I've been thinking of reading and writing more this year but neither have happened so far. But, if I have to take something from last year, I know now that its never too late. I have not written much in the last 4 years and I am a totally different person from who I used to be. wiser maybe not, humbled by what I've seen and experienced in the last one year, surprised at how far I can push myself, taken one leap of faith and only to restart taken another one and landed on my face and immediately after, going on the journey of a lifetime. 

I must write more now if only to remember; remember who I am and who I used to be; all the people who have touched me; falling in love over months in India to falling in love overnight in Arequipa. If I am writing my first post of 2015 today then may this be the start of another love affair with writing and reading.

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