Friday, November 09, 2012

Audacity of Obama

So, Obama is back. If I were to be honest, I am not a big fan of the Nobel Prize or the economic policies or of the fact that he promised thin air and that’s exactly what he delivered. Romney is like the guys I have grown up with and call friends; well educated, hard working, driven and successful… (We’ll talk about that in 10 years). But this election fills me with hope and great expectations for the future, if not in India (we will always remain the butt of the world) then for the world and definitely for the US.

Though I don’t like Obama’s policies, I still believe him to be an honest man tied down by deal making and consensus; and he embraces the liberal social policies. The singular reason I hold him in high regard is that he had the guts to come out in support of gay rights, is pro-choice and if pushed can stand up to the conservative nuts that dominate the world.

On 6th November the liberal agenda had its first victory in the geriatric world of politics. It was not just Obama; it was Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin; it was Washington’s victory over the 'legal' get high lobby dominated by tobacco, caffeine and alcohol. Same-sex marriage got approved in 4 states. Obama’s contribution was in accepting these changes not behind closed doors but openly. Not to garner more votes but for the sake of his moral compass. In victory, the Obama of old came out, the one that inspired, the Obama who stood for climate for change and for hope. “We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions” said Obama as he spoke of freedom and hope once again. And I do hope we get more decisive action from him this term while I smoke some pot that is.


  1. I agree! But why is this titled the adaucity of Obama?

  2. Just because he won again and I could not think of anything better