Thursday, February 02, 2012


A lot had to be written and said in the last 6 months, but i have been honestly and truly lazy. In any case, the thought for the day is from a book:
The later history of African Americans was in some ways more dreadful than under slavery, since not counting as property they could be hanged or “lynched” by the thousands as a form of social control. Nevertheless, the subpopulation had become strong enough by the middle of the twentieth century to begin a political and social movement that led to eventual legal liberation, and with this yoke lifted, the intrinsic benefits of strong outbreeding associated with strong selection has produced a vibrant and powerful subgroup.
Are the so called lower classes in India resorting to the same solution? Strength in numbers; in out-breeding the richer class. Or strength in out-breeding US and Europe? As China falls victim to its 1 child policy, India rises as a bhukka-nanga superpower!


  1. I share the same as you...a lot had to be written but then :)

  2. sgp has brought you out back into the social sphere i see :)