Friday, March 25, 2011

Life and Times

Its time to move again. Its surprising how your life can be packed into a few boxes leaving no trace of your existence except a concert ticket, some papers scribbled with various stages of sanity and a lingering smell of familiarity. You tell yourself again and again “time to tread new paths…new horizons”, “new opportunity” and the like. As another phase comes to an end you believe those words to be true. But when you see the boxes, you realize that they don’t contain your life. Its more ethereal, it is you or as I am wont to say now “our-soul” (sorry atma!). Personally, I think my backpack comes pretty close.


  1. Its perfect how you have captured it. The backpack indeed comes the closest. I have been feeling that way for the last 4 years of my life and it is a good feeling too

  2. Its a very good feeling when you are with it...otherwise it just keeps staring at you :)

  3. so i guess you are finally settled.. so updates!!!!