Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Notes on Ayodhya

I was aghast when I heard the verdict more so that people were welcoming it. Chopra and Deepti were at the receiving end of my rant on the day. But, finally the objections to the Lucknow High Court’s verdict have started coming out. Even though it "promotes" national integration, it must be said that the verdict is the victory of political correctness over truth and fact.

Firstly, I’m pretty sure that we would have had a different verdict had the bench comprised of 2 Muslims and 1 Hindu judge. Secondly, the mosque was constructed in 1527 about 400 years before there was any notion of an Indian state. When the court came into existence the mosque had been there for centuries and therefore should remain as such.

The court is overstepping its mandate by issuing judgment on a matter of history and archeology. There is no proof that ‘Ram’ the God ever existed. It is a matter of faith and religion and should remain as such: abstract. Assigning historical significance to locations and myths by issuing a verdict does not make his existence a fact. While dividing land is preposterous.

The court has allowed an act of lawlessness and shame to benefit the party that indulged in it. Had the mosque not been demolished, would the court on being petitioned by the VHP ordered the Masjid to be brought down and the land partitioned?

The verdict of the court is certainly well intentioned and in the interest of peace in the country. But will not the Muslims feel wronged? Does the court expect them to digest the 1992 humiliation of their faith by vandals? The talk of ‘reconciliation’ emanating from Hindu quarters is a disgrace. It is like the politician-criminal claiming victory after purchasing justice. In this case, justice was held hostage by the threat of violence. Let us hope that the Supreme Court will uphold the law and justice rather than sentiments.

To all the people who claim that Hindus may have been wronged when the mosque was constructed: “Get over it! It was 500 years ago.” (And you expect Muslims to get over 18 years?)


  1. OK.
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    so why aren't you writing anymore?

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  2. first time here. So obviously, this comment is a bit delayed :o)

    But I completely agree with you.
    It was a mosque and no one had the right to pull it down the way they did.

    I'm a hindu and I'm appalled (as are very many others) and the nonsense people say and do in the name of religion. I've read somewhere that Speaking for God is the worst sin. And I believe that all these fanatics are guilty of it.