Monday, December 14, 2009

Obamaman the Hypocrite

Obamaman is taking hypocracy to US soverign debt levels. He wages 2 wars and declares himself the Commander-in-Chief of the greatest army on the face of the world - and accepts the Nobel Peace prize. Pulled out the army from Iraq and put more troops in Afghanistan. And now he says that he is not helping out a bunch of "fat cat bankers"! Yes Mr. President, give banks free money and expect them to sit on it. Very intelligent. You are either totally clueless about finance and economics or you are just going around gassing "Yes we can".

If the free economy had been allowed to run its course, we would have fewer but stronger banks and probably another year of recession. In my opinion, the global economy can not take any more of Ben Bernanke's Keynesianism. He should be replaced by Volker or Galbriath or Stilgitz: people who can think beyond their PhD thesis.

As always, TED puts the thought in a better perspective.

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  1. Roy, mate , sorry I didn't realize it was you. Apolgies for the long rant on your other blog Hows it going? Still playing football and keeping the hell out of teams?