Thursday, November 05, 2009

Champignons a la Tomate

I came home early today so that I could catch up with some sleep after 2 days of Champions League football; ended up cooking mushroom of all things. I haven't cooked since I burnt my hand and this is the first time I have experimented with vegetarian food and voilĂ  we have "Champignons a la Tomate". Not bad at all! Though I'm sure I can not replicate the dish ever again.

My guide to beginners, myself included:
  1. Keep cellphone handy. You will need to call your mom every two minutes.
  2. Pepper can make anything taste good.
  3. Never taste your own food. Always have lab rats on stand-by.
In other news of the world, the great messiah of change is at it again: The worst bill ever. I'd rather have a vampire squid as the leader of the free world than someone who has no notion of a balanced budget. I am ignoring his handling of the financial markets and Iraq/Afghanistan.

Mr. Obama, too much debt => Iceland (if you have forgotten)
A la Dsen:
I'll keep my religion, my guns, my liberty and my money. You can keep your ******** CHANGE.


  1. Wow, you can cook :) Anyways, I too saw that piece on the bill and I am not sure if I should worry more about the US economy for its sake or its potential spillover.

  2. obviously the spillover! But it not for nothing that they represent the peak of capitalism. The US economy will rise again.

  3. The mushrooms look quite good!
    Another point for 'Guide to beginners', esp if you are making dessert.... Its NOT advisable to sample the ingredients, since there is high possibility of you not making the dish at all..

  4. Obama and his change..who wants it??!!Good posting

  5. The health care industry currently spends $1.4 million a day lobbying Congress to not get this bill thru...maybe Obama has got it right?

    See Krugman's take and health expenditure data.

  6. @veena my guess is that it is the insurers who don't want the bill to go through.
    I am all for a Denmark style healthcare but the US fiscal deficit is already very high and this might take it to unmanageable levels.