Saturday, August 01, 2009

Writer's Block

Do you have to be a writer to suffer from writer's block? Writer's block is defined as the loss of the ability to produce new work. I am not a writer and neither do I consider myself capable of being one. Though my inflated ego may believe that I have one crappy "Five Point Someone" in me somewhere. But, honestly I will never even get close. My writings in the past month have been random thoughts and ideas (sometime others') waiting to be explored but banished in the pages of my notepad. Never more than a couple of sentences, never more than whispers of what I want to scream aloud. The thoughts have piled on but not put into words or even a coherent stream of reasoning.

What is bothering me at this moment is that in the next two months I have to come up with reflections of the past 3 years and peek a into the next 20. All I have been able to gather is a detailed CV and a notion of chasing a dream which does not reveal itself. To top it all off, the stupid laptop crashed and erased the brief instances of clarity in which I was able to collect my thoughts.

I need new ideas, new thoughts and a sense of wonder. I need to meet new people to pick new brains. A new line of thought to take away this madness. I know these phases are momentary and will wane. But first, I shall go and see the new Harry Potter movie (I'm supposed to be a HP buff, how did this happen?).

PS: I edited the html code to get the format right! I did not know I could do that!


  1. Well, I am glad you do not have a Five Point Someone i n you:)
    You can do much better than that, I'm certain!!