Monday, August 10, 2009

Lost Soul in Bombay

This weekend, after a long time, I sat on the sidewalk at Nariman Point and stared at the sea. The view in front and the skyscrapers behind have always inspired me. It is where I found peace everyday after markets closed. It is where I have enjoyed Bombay the most.

By day, the street is choked with smoke and the footpath crumbles under the weight of a million aspirations. The sun ravages and the humidity dampens the soul. The street is littered with paper, garbage dust and the strivings of a nation. Yet, you can always find a lost soul in the middle of all the bustle, gazing into the west for inspiration, company, clarity and hope.

By the time the sun sets, beauty takes over. A gentle breeze clears the smoke and the waves calm the heat, people slow down to admire the sun as it bids farewell. The crowd sits down in silence; friends, colleagues and lovers as the day draws to a close. As darkness descends, it covers the litter. The glittering towers and neon beam across the ocean, a beacon to the world of the rising of a billion Indians.

Though a lot may be said of the appaling conditions of the city. For the millions that call it home, it remains amchi mumbai.


  1. Brilliant! :) thoroughly enjoyed!
    What do you do?

  2. I am one of those merchants of greed better known as bankers!

  3. That's the thing about legacies they exist despite the relationships eh:)

    Lovely post...well worded..and yes there is something about Aamchi mumbai indeed..

  4. Nariman Point is very inspiring and subduing at the same time. I like the way you have written about it.

  5. I have spent hours and hours and hours sitting there staring at the sea. And even now everytime I go back to Mumbai, I find myself at Nariman Pt once in the trip.

    Something magical there - aint it?