Monday, February 02, 2009


Roy: I am almost done with the ninja report; another hour's work.
AT: So you will be sending it out tonight?
Roy: No, I will finish it and then procrastinate the sending till tomorrow.
AT: Procrastination is too long a word for what it signifies.

Daku: I quit smoking.
Roy: I thought you had already quit.
Daku: Yes, but I was smoking every once in a while
Roy: How many on an average?
Daku: Seven to eight a day...

Roy: So Bau, what's up?
Bau: Just quit my job.
Roy: Why?
Bau: Didn't feel like working.
Roy: So which company are you joining?
Bau: None, will chillax for a couple of months, travel and then decide.
The Gay Roy (thinking): "marry me"
The Straight Roy: Next time tell me in advance so I can save up and we can quit together and travel.

Chomu: Fuck capitalism! Fuck investment bankers, bastards think they can “shendilagao” anyone in the universe. They are fucking wrong. Betichod market went down!!! Fuck capitalism! (goes to get more alcohol)
Sakhu: I want the Delhi wala story…
Roy: Ruk, madarchod ko aur pilana padega.
Chomu: ***** (censored)
Sakhu: Roy, stop using your imagination.

Roy: Who was the first man to see a cow and say "I think I want to pull those dangling things"
Mohata: I think you mean he thought "I'll drink the first thing that comes out of those dangling things"
Pussy: LOL
Khatri: Such a fruitful conversation
Gaay: But why a cow?
Vijit: Because its so fat they must have thought there must be something good somewhere in there.
Roy: I think someone wanted something to hold while committing sodomy or something!
Vijit: Gaay is personally affronted because it must be a source of such utter humiliation in his community!
Roy: I am sorry Shreesh if I offended you in any way.
Gaay: I am OK as long as I am not the COW you are talking about.
Roy: Well, I have better taste...
Gaay: Well, that can be seen from the fact that you are fantasizing about a cow.....
Roy: Shit

Roy: I love you V!
V: Fuck you bastard
Roy: With pleasure.


  1. Hahahahahaha!!
    This is so funny I am rolling on the floor laughing out loud. =))

    Whose V? Anita?

  2. yeah right! actually I don't have better choice but..phuleese