Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Human Rights Down the Crapper

When I last checked, we were a humane bunch of people here in India then along comes the proposed "National Investigation Agency". At first glance it seemed to be an attempt to have something like the FBI in India, till I got to the last line:

Court shall presume, unelss contrary is shown, that accused has committed offence.

I had to re-read the line three times just to realise that they were trying to violate the f***ing Universal Declaration of Human Rights, contained within the International Bill of Human Rights. Were these not the first resolutions passed by the United Nations? The 10th of December market the 60th anniversary of the Declaration and what a perfect time for us to start violating them.
What the statment implies is that if the government accuses a person of committing of a crime, the onus is on him to prove his innocense. Basically it gives the government power to go to every outspoken muslim, accuse him of terrorism and not have to present a scintilla of evidence to prove it. I thought the BJP/NDA went overboard with their POTA, but the present government in its knee jerk reaction to the 11/26 attacks is disregarding the highest morals that we as a people should stand for.

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